Audi conducts “stripping” in its model line

Audi conducts “stripping” in its model line

September 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the large-scale electrification of the model line and the growing demand for electric cars are forcing Audi to significantly shake up its model line.

The publication Motor1 with reference to the chief executive officer of the brand Bram Shota reports that the company has already reduced the number of modifications by 27% and is not going to stop at this indicator. “The immediate goal is to bring this figure to 45% without harming sales in the markets of different countries, because what will be normally accepted in Europe can turn into a real disaster in China,” – says Bram Shot.

In the future, Audi can go much further. The executive director did not go into details, but admitted that the brand’s management is seriously thinking about the need to produce models in Sportback versions.

Well, there is a cherry on the cake: some models will be thrown completely under the knife in order to make room for new modifications of the most expensive cars of the brand (A6 and above). So, the next generation of the TT coupe has not yet been confirmed, although the R8 is guaranteed to change the generation (this information was officially confirmed in Frankfurt by the head of the Audi Sport technical development department, Oliver Hoffmann), however, under the hood of the car will be exclusively hybrid and fully electric power installation, which means that a beautifully sounding naturally-aspirated V10 FSI 5-liter engine can retire if you don’t get an electric motor in your pair.