Audi chief designer points out new features in 2020’s A4 / S4 model

Audi chief designer points out new features in 2020’s A4 / S4 model

May 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Rarely update in the middle of the life cycle of the model makes changes to the side profile of the car. According to the assurances of the company’s chief designer, the model has become more mature and mature.

About a year ago, Audi so updated its A4 sedan / wagon A4 Avant, that at first glance you won’t understand whether any changes have occurred or not. As it turned out, this was not a typical update in the middle of a car cycle. The facelift for this model was shown earlier this month. The German brand immediately introduced a regular sedan, a more powerful S4, as well as an allroad off-road wagon.

Usually, when the facelift of the model comes from the German Volkswagen Group, which includes the prestigious Audi company, the changes occur at a rather subtle level. This is not the case when the A4 family has been completely updated from start to finish.

Audi designer Francesco D’Amor explains in the video below that a competitor to the BMW 3 Series is a “big improvement” compared to the facelift model. The car received new headlights and taillights, after which, the A4 becomes more like its older brothers (A6, A7 and A8).

The false radiator grille was moved lower and slightly extended to make the new A4 more sporty and impressive. All configurations have recently developed front and rear bumpers, while the chrome strip, which runs from one taillight to the other on the rear door, gives the impression of a wider car. Audi A4 2020 has a slightly modified side profile, inspired by the gorgeous Prologue concept introduced in 2014.

The biggest change in the cabin of the car is a modern infotainment system MMI with a tablet 10.1-inch touch screen, which protrudes from the center console. The more expensive models also have an additional touch screen, replacing the usual climate control buttons that stick out on the A4. Most buttons have been replaced by touch counterparts.