Audi, BMW or Mercedes are more often chosen by selfish men

Audi, BMW or Mercedes are more often chosen by selfish men

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

There are many preconceptions about the brands of cars and people who meet behind the wheel.

According to Finnish studies, one of these prejudices may well be true. Men with high self-esteem prefer brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Of course, the driver is different for the driver, so the choice of a particular brand does not say anything about its owner. Nevertheless, in a study conducted by the Department of Social Sciences, the University of Helsinki found that a certain group of more selfish individuals, with a somewhat stubborn and rebellious character, above the average, prefers these brands.

It is noteworthy that among women candidates for research there was almost no connection between a certain character and the choice of car. Most least see their car as a status symbol.

According to the university, 1 892 Finnish customers who passed the personality test were asked about their choice of car, habits and well-being for research. A targeted search was made for the connection between the choice of a car with a “high status” and certain characteristics. In particular, five personality traits were studied (Big Five): openness, neuroticism, extraversion, atruism, and good faith.

“I felt that people who most often ride in red do not give pedestrians priority or just drive recklessly, most often in fast German cars. The characteristics that are most often found in people with one of the more expensive German brands are a good explanation of the desire to drive a car with a high status. They consider themselves superior to others and they like to show it. The same characteristics explain why these people commit traffic violations more often than others, ”explains researcher Jan-Eric Lönnqvist.