Audi announced that the “hot” hatchback RS1 can not wait

Audi announced that the “hot” hatchback RS1 can not wait

January 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The leadership of the German brand decided once and for all – there will be no high-performance performance of a compact hatchback. In addition, it became known that the company’s five-cylinder engine will remain the base for all members of the high-performance RS-family.

Audi is going to release many of its crossovers in a more productive version of the RS. However, it was decided that the “hot” RS1 Sportback hatchback would not be presented for sure. And this despite the numerous requests from fans of this model. It is worth noting that some time ago, the automaker introduced a special version of the A1 Quattro, which was limited to a circulation of only 333 copies. In this design, the machine could develop a power of 252 horsepower. Those days are long gone, now, the most powerful performance of this car remains 40 TFSI with a 197-horsepower engine (320 Nm). The moment is transmitted to the front wheels through a six-speed S Tronic automatic transmission. This helps the car accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds and reach a speed of 146 km / h.

  Why won’t we have RS1? It’s simple, the brand management did not find a viable economic justification for such a car.

 In addition, in a recent interview, managing director Julius Seebach said the 2.5-liter five-cylinder powertrain will remain the base engine for all members of the high-performance Audi RS family. It is designed for 394 hp power and 480 Nm of torque in new models, such as the RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback crossovers, but according to rumors, the next RS3 will be able to get the same motor, the power of which will exceed 400 hp.