Audi and Volkswagen changed logos due to coronavirus

Audi and Volkswagen changed logos due to coronavirus

March 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German companies showed off their new logos.

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, car manufacturers launched an action urging them to respect the distance during communication and the rules of personal hygiene, which were recommended by the World Health Organization.

So, Volkswagen and Audi have changed their logos that show distance. For example, in the Volkswagen badge, the letters V and W are now at a distance, as are the four rings on the Audi logo.

As noted in the press services of brands, companies are trying to support their customers and hope that difficult times will end soon. But while the virus attacks people, it is necessary “to observe the rules of personal hygiene and hygiene in communication.” In addition, companies were encouraged to keep their distance and stay at home.