Audi and SAIC will become partners?

Audi and SAIC will become partners?

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker hinted in the near future cooperation with a large Chinese company SAIC. Both sides have already developed a plan for the joint production of cars.

According to rumors, the German automaker Audi announced its readiness to add the largest Chinese automaker as a manufacturing partner, as the company plans to regain the share lost to Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the world’s largest market.

The parent company Audi Volkswagen Group and the Chinese SAIC Motor Corporation have made an offer to spare parts manufacturers to bid to become the supplier of the future Audi A7L news, which they are due to build and launch on the market, according to a document published on the website of the Chinese bidding and procurement network. In a statement that appeared on December 2, it is reported that interested bidders can receive tender documents by December 9.

 The document suggests that the negotiations between Audi and SAIC have moved far ahead, so it is not unlikely that two large companies will begin to lay the foundations for creating a supply chain. SAIC and Volkswagen are currently in talks to include Audi in their partnership. It is known that both parties have developed a preliminary plan as to which cars they will produce together.

 SAIC will inform the media of a partnership with Audi as early as next year, but details have not yet been announced. The German side is also currently refraining from any comments.