Audi and Rimac can create electric successor R8

Audi and Rimac can create electric successor R8

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There are no details of this deal, which foreign automobile media wrote about the day before. Experts suggest that the future novelty may be called the Audi e-Tron RS.

The future fate of the R8 at one time was thought by the head of Audi Bram Shot. Now, in the relevant media, information has appeared that the German company Audi has turned to Rimac with a request for cooperation in creating a powerful electric car that will replace the R8. There is no details of this conversation, however, experts suggest that the new product will be called Audi e-Tron RS, and its appearance should be expected in the 2023rd or 2024th.

According to, the new product will be on the assembly line of the Audi factory in Bollinger Höfe, while most of the development work will still be transferred to Rimac. The company will not only play an important role in creating the concept of the model, but will also be responsible for its technical “stuffing”.

So, it is expected that the R8 receiver will receive four electric motors at once, whose total power will reach 937 hp. Thanks to such a power plant, an all-wheel drive model can accelerate to “hundreds” in just 2.5 seconds. It is possible that the novelty will also receive a 95 kW / h battery with a wireless charging system. Cruising range in this case will be up to 483 km. In addition, an aluminum monocoque chassis and active aerodynamics are already being proposed to the novelty. The cost of such an electric car will not exceed the mark of 200 thousand euros.

So far, these are only assumptions, since no one has canceled the alternative development of events. Shot has repeatedly stated that the brand needs to concentrate all its resources on key projects. And the fact that for several years the company took a large number of projects under its wing, he clearly did not approve. So a high-performance electric supercar is unlikely to get paramount status. However, do not forget that the R8 was an important part of Audi.