Audi and Hyundai will work together to develop hydrogen cars

Audi and Hyundai will work together to develop hydrogen cars

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

German and South Korean companies have agreed on joint development of cars with power plants on fuel cells

Audi and Hyundai have reached an agreement to join forces in the development of automotive power plants on hydrogen fuel cells. Joint work on these technologies should bring the moment of mass appearance of such cars on the roads closer.

In power plants on fuel cells, electricity is generated as a result of a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, and the only “exhaust” is ordinary water.

According to the agreement, German and South Korean companies will exchange patents for developments in the field of hydrogen technologies, and also provide each other access to the relevant components.

In Audi noted that after 2020 the company intends to organize a small-scale production of cars on hydrogen fuel cells. The manufacturer from Ingolstadt has been working on these technologies for about 20 years. The last experimental car with such an installation was the h-tron quattro, presented in 2016 at the Detroit Motor Show. Its power unit, consisting of 330 separate cells, is able to develop 150 horsepower. In this case, a block of lithium-ion batteries of 60 kWh can increase the return by another 136 forces for a short time.

As for Hyundai, at the beginning of 2018 it introduced the Nexo serial crossover with a power plant on fuel cells. The electric unit develops 163 hp, and there is enough hydrogen to go up to 600 km without refueling.