Audi and FAW to launch joint production of electric vehicles in China

Audi and FAW to launch joint production of electric vehicles in China

January 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

German Audi and Chinese FAW are further strengthening their ties. From 2024, the two sides will jointly manufacture Audi’s top electric vehicles in China.

Audi and FAW have been working together for quite some time now. The FAW group has been associated with the Volkswagen Group for many years through various joint ventures, and in 2017 the company announced that it was going to build all-electric vehicles with Audi. Therefore, in China, FAW is building an electric version of the Q2, about which nothing is known outside the Middle Kingdom, as well as an E-tron available for the local market. More models will be added to the Chinese lineup soon. Audi and FAW have signed an agreement in principle on this matter.

Both carmakers are working on creating and developing models based on PPE. This modular electric platform, developed by Audi in cooperation with Porsche, is a step above the well-known MEB platform and is intended for electric vehicles in higher market segments. In China, on this basis, both sides will build vehicles for the local market, but there are also EVs among them, which will be included in the European model line. In the latter case, the question is about the degree of participation in the development of FAW. It is likely limited exclusively to Chinese production.

The first electric vehicles should appear in Chinese factories in 2024. It’s hard to talk about specific models yet, but it will mostly be larger SUVs and possibly luxury sedans. On the European market, the new platform is expected to feature the Q5 E-tron and possibly an electric successor or analogue to the A8. Porsche is working on a PPE-based all-electric Macan.