Audi and Airbus will experience a flying taxi in the German Ingolstadt

Audi and Airbus will experience a flying taxi in the German Ingolstadt

June 20, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Audi and Airbus announced the imminent start of tests of a new type of transport, which will be able to transport passengers both on land and by air

Audi, together with Airbus, announced the launch of a new Urban Air Mobility Urban Air Mobility system in the German city of Ingolstadt. The ultimate goal of the program is the launch of a flying taxi, the press service of the automaker said.

The project of the new service was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, which approved the intention of Audi, Airbus and several other companies to create a new air communications system.

In March, at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi announced that it had become a participant in the project of the flying car Pop.Up, which is being developed by Airbus Airbus and Italian body design studio Italdesign.

The concept of the device is that a special passenger capsule can stand on a special platform with wheels to move on the ground. When hit in a plug, the module is attached to an aircraft with four rotors, which will take passengers to their destination. Audi should bring to the project its experience in the field of electrical technology and batteries, as well as unmanned control systems.

“In the future, devices like Pop.Up will quickly and comfortably transport people by land and air in large cities, which will help solve a lot of current transport problems,” said Acting Head of Audi Bram Schot.