Audi and Airbus have created a joint service for passenger transportation

Audi and Airbus have created a joint service for passenger transportation

May 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Two companies will launch a new urban transportation service in the summer, which will combine ground transportation and a helicopter taxi

Airbus and Audi announced the launch of a joint service in the field of urban mobility. Since the beginning of summer, partners will launch a new service that will combine helicopter flights with car trips.

The new service will work on the Voom platform – a special application for ordering a helicopter taxi. The first people who can use the new service will be passengers in Brazilian São Paulo and Mexican Mexico.

“The world is rapidly urbanizing, the ground infrastructure is no longer able to meet the requirements of tomorrow. The growing load of roads limits the ability to move freely in the city and causes passengers to waste time and money. The transfer of airspace to the third dimension of the urban transport network will be a revolution in our lives – and Airbus is ready to accomplish it, “said Airbus CEO Tom Andrews.

Earlier it became known that Audi had become a participant in the project of the flying car Pop Up, which is being developed by Airbus Aircraft Company and Italdesign Italian body studio.

The concept of the device is that a special passenger capsule can stand on a special platform with wheels to move on the ground. When hit in a plug, the module is attached to an aircraft with four rotors, which will take passengers to their destination. Audi should bring to the project its experience in the field of electrical technology and batteries, as well as unmanned control systems.