Audi A3 spotted during tests without camouflage

Audi A3 spotted during tests without camouflage

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Like the VW with the Golf Mk8, Audi seems to have refused to mask its prototypes of the A3 2020 model year, showing off the upcoming compact premium car.

Photo spies captured two next-generation A3 prototypes in a black body with almost no masking. If you look closely, you can see that only on the headlights and taillights a black film is superimposed, but this does not change much.

The chrome trim along the car’s body line is probably the biggest novelty. In addition, the new A3 looks a bit more dynamic than its predecessor due to its lower and wider body. The photographs also show that each prototype rides on different alloy wheels: a five-spoke design similar to the basic version and a sportier rim with two larger-diameter spokes.

From earlier spy shots it is clear that the interior is a new design with a large sharp dashboard and an equally generous sized central display. It is expected that the new interior will receive new finishes and colors, as well as the latest driver assistance systems.

The A3 still shares the platform with VW Golf, in this case the MQB Evo architecture, which allows for soft hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains along with the usual range of gasoline and turbocharged diesel engines. As with the Golf, there won’t be a fully electric version, as Audi will launch an autonomous compact electric car later.

 According to preliminary information, the new compact premium hatchback will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2020 and will soon go on sale in the form of a five-door car. It will be followed by an all-terrain sedan and hatchback, as well as options S3 and RS3.