Audi A2 will be reborn as an electric city car

Audi A2 will be reborn as an electric city car

February 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In the future, Audi cars with internal combustion engines will be replaced by electric vehicles.

The German brand’s American lineup includes the Audi A3, which is an entry-level model, but the automaker is selling an even smaller A1 city car in Europe. However, in an interview, Audi CEO Markus Düsmann hinted that the A1 may soon disappear. Speaking ahead of the e-tron GT’s premiere, Duesmann said that a successor to the premium supermini is unlikely.

“We are really discussing what we are doing with small segments. In the A1 segment we have several other brands [in the Volkswagen Group] that are active and very successful there, with a very high level of production, so at the moment we doubt A1, ”said the manager.

If production of the Audi A1 is discontinued, it will mean that the Q2 subcompact SUV will take its place as the smallest Audi model. Other factors that could make the A1 disappear include high electrification costs and low profit margins on small cars.

However, this does not mean that Audi will completely abandon the supermini segment. According to preliminary reports, Audi’s Artemis division is working on a successor to the A2 supermini, which was discontinued in 2005. It will reportedly be reborn as an electric city car inspired by the futuristic AI: ME concept that debuted at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

Artemis did not provide any technical details, but the concept was powered by a single 170 horsepower electric motor and a 65 kWh battery. Since the concept was roughly the same size as the A3 Sportback, it is unlikely that it will be sold in the US. However, Audi hasn’t decided if it will keep the A2 name. To prevent duplication with Audi’s future EVs, Duesmann hinted that most ICE models could suffer the same fate as the A1.

“We have to cut costs. When we look at the Q4 e-tron, we have a model that has similar versions with internal combustion engines, and of course we don’t want to have the same portfolio electrically. We make custom-built electric cars because we can offer more functionality [in this way], so we will definitely reduce our ICE product portfolio in the next 10 years, ”said Duesmann.