Atlis XT pickup truck radically redesigned ahead of premiere

Atlis XT pickup truck radically redesigned ahead of premiere

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The promising American startup Atlis Motor Vehicles is going to present its Atlis XT electric pickup truck this year. In anticipation of the imminent debut, the novelty managed to completely change its appearance.

The Atlis XT electric pickup will debut on November 11th. Before being presented to the public, the new product changed its design: a completely redesigned front end, new optics, etc.

Whether such a visual upgrade was needed is a matter of taste. To some, the changes will seem successful, while others will not see much improvement in them. For the most affordable short-wheelbase modification, you will have to pay 45 thousand dollars.

The novelty gets its own XP platform with a flat traction battery. Each wheel has its own electric motor. Without recharging, the electric car will travel from 483 to 805 kilometers, the declared maximum speed is 193 km / h.

The electric pickup can be purchased with two wheelbases: 3657 and 4470 mm. In this case, the clearance can vary from 305 to 381 mm.
Available batteries, according to preliminary data, also suggest a choice – a capacity of 125 to 250 kW • h. At the same time, the electric car will support the fast charging function. So, to replenish the resource of the top battery, it will take very little time – no more than 15 minutes. At the same time, the batteries are designed for 2 thousand of these quick charges.

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