Atlis Motor Vehicles unveiled electric all-wheel drive pickup

Atlis Motor Vehicles unveiled electric all-wheel drive pickup

October 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Startup Atlis Motor Vehicles showed its first model on the official render and teasers. Apparently, the company is preparing to show the concept of an all-electric off-road pickup truck.

Already in 2019 we will be able to see the first prototype of the Atlis XT pickup. The car will be different all-electric power plant, modern technology, as well as a unique platform. The car is a development of the American startup Atlis Motor Vehicles and is going to release its cars in America.

It is assumed that the future electric pickup will receive a four-wheel drive system that operates thanks to four electric motors (one for each wheel). A 100 kW * hour battery will be used as the power source. Power is not reported yet, but the estimated maximum speed will be about 192 km / h. The power reserve will be about 640 km in the combined cycle.

In addition to the new model Atlis Motor Vehicles is developing its own electric platform like “seytbord”. In the future, the company will develop clean electric SUVs and minibuses on this platform.

Another focus of the company is a new battery layout technology. Engineers expect that they will be able to create a charging system that replenishes the battery volume up to 100% in just 13 minutes.