Atelier Mugen presented an unusual kit for the Honda Civic Type R

Atelier Mugen presented an unusual kit for the Honda Civic Type R

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to the tuning company Mugen, the “charged” Honda Civic Type R received an extravagant and at the same time simple appearance. So far, the kit presented here has the status of a prototype.

We can say with confidence that this year at the Tokyo Motor Show (Japan) there will clearly be something to see. In particular, it is there that the new aerodynamic body kit Mugen RC20GT will be presented to us. It was created for the high-performance hatchback Honda Civic Type R. Thanks to the new look, the car becomes both wild and overly aggressive.

 According to representatives of the company Mugen, the new “package” styling is not yet available to motorists in the domestic market of Japan.

So far this is a preliminary version. It is known that in its final form, the tuning kit will be very similar to the prototype presented here, with the difference that a massive Audi-esque front grille and a huge amount of carbon-fiber details will be added.

  It is reported that the changes that were made by engineers in the body Honda Civic Type R, have a beneficial effect not only on the aerodynamics, but also on the cooling efficiency of some components and assemblies of cars. In addition, a 2.0-liter turbo-charged gasoline engine is currently being upgraded. This 4-cylinder engine from Honda in the standard version has a power of 306 hp, and its maximum torque is 400 Nm.

  For those who want to get behind the wheel of a more powerful version of the Civic Type R, I hasten to note that in June 2017 the official representative of the company hinted at an increase in the model’s power and the appearance of all-wheel drive. It is not yet known when this new product will be presented and what kind of car it will be.

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