Atelier Mountune allows you to change the power of the Ford Focus ST through the app

Atelier Mountune allows you to change the power of the Ford Focus ST through the app

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British tuning studio Mountune can provide a high-performance Ford Focus ST hatchback with an increase in power of 50 “horses”. Customers of the company who ordered the upgrade can adjust the motor power through a special application.

Mountune tuning experts from the UK were the first to introduce an update package for the latest Ford Focus ST – the American high-performance hatchback. The “package” of upgrades is called the m330.

As the name implies, Mountune’s latest offer increases Focus ST engine power to 325 hp. (515 Nm). The standard Ford Focus ST boasts 276 hp. An increase in performance was achieved using remapping.

 To upgrade the Focus ST m330, Mountune used the same SMARTflash technology that it uses to upgrade its “charged” Fiesta ST. The upgrade includes features such as smoother gear shifts and an “improved” exhaust sound that translates into a louder turbo-charged sound.

 Customers can now calibrate their Focus ST using only the mune MARTune SMARTflash smartphone app and the included Bluetooth OBD. Mountune will also send its latest calibrations directly to the app, allowing customers to install the latest software on their vehicles.

The new m330 upgrade for the Ford Focus ST comes with three different calibrations. High performance Sport / Track – a more aggressive response to control and the gas pedal, as well as a louder exhaust. Stock Performance mode, which returns the car back to its factory settings. The third Anti-Theft calibration, plays the role of anti-theft – it completely immobilizes the car.

 The new Mountune m330 kit comes with a high-flow panel air filter for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost Focus ST engine. Regarding the price, Mountune will charge you £ 599