Atelier Mansory revealed a strange version of the Bentley Continental GT

Atelier Mansory revealed a strange version of the Bentley Continental GT

March 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists from the company Mansory presented their version of the British convertible Bentley Continental GT. The car received a modified exterior and interior, as well as a modified engine.

Mansory workshop is known for presenting very controversial tuning projects based on modern cars. This time, it was decided to work with the British convertible Bentley Continental GT Convertible. It was decided to combine the black car body with dark green elements of the exterior and interior. It is worth noting that this combination of shades, which the guys from Mansory called Green Chrome-Oxite, looks pretty interesting.

 Let’s start with the green interior. It was decided to use quilted leather and high-quality fabric – these materials can be found everywhere, from the dashboard to the center console, doors, floor and, obviously, seats. Also, the interior is replete with an abundance of chrome elements.

 Thin stripes of dark green color can be found throughout the body of the British luxury convertible, which contrasts with the matte black finish covering the rest of the car, as well as the carbon-fiber exterior parts.

 The 22-inch multi-spoke rims also take on a green hue around the edges, and green brake calipers are visible behind them. Under the hood is a large crossbeam of the same green color.

 Tuning studio specialists decided to install a new exhaust system on the car and make some of their settings in the electronic control unit of a powerful V8 engine. It is reported that after all the upgrades have been installed, the Continental GT develops a power of 640 horsepower, which is enough to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than four seconds.