Atelier Lingenfelter is going to “pump through” the Chevy Blazer crossover

Atelier Lingenfelter is going to “pump through” the Chevy Blazer crossover

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American tuner decided that buyers need a more powerful version of the Chevy Blazer crossover. It is planned that the 3.6-liter V6 GM LG engine will be equipped with a supercharger and as a result, the power will increase to 450 hp.

Last year, the American company Chevy introduced the updated Blazer model, which is now positioned as a mid-size crossover. The most important change can be called a radically different appearance, which can be called even aggressive. But still, to a true sporting spirit, the novelty lacks some things. Atelier Lingenfelter decided to correct this annoying misunderstanding and to work hard with the crossover engine.

 The supercharger system that Lingenfelter engineers will use has not been developed specifically for Blazer. It was previously wanted to be used for the Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon pickup truck, which uses the Edelbrock TVS1740 supercharger.

It is attached to the top of the LG GM’s 3.6-liter V6 engine, which is also equipped with the latest Blaze. Here he develops a power of 450 horsepower.

As the representatives of this tuning company themselves say, they decided to modernize the Blazer crossover and present a more powerful version of it after they found unexpectedly great demand from Chevy customers for such a version of the car. Mark Rapson, vice president of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, said the company’s engineers can easily connect the supercharger they equip the Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon trucks to the crossover motor. He also noted separately that such a car would definitely need four-wheel drive.

 According to the official website of Lingenfelter, a supercharger for the same Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon costs $ 6,995. At the moment, the studio announced its intention to build only one version of the upgraded crossover. The tuner is probably considering what other modifications might be needed for the new crossover to cope with the extra power, as well as provide customers with the safest car possible.