At the Stockholm exhibition was presented autopilot-bus Scania

At the Stockholm exhibition was presented autopilot-bus Scania

June 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Stockholm, at the exhibition, Scania presented a bus with autopilot, engaged in street cleaning at night.

One of the most popular topics heard at the International Summit on Public Transport is the “last mile” bus (meaning, for example, to your home from the metro). And in the priority transport on electric and without a driver. And here Scania took the lead, showing a self-managed electric bus that is being re-equipped as a street cleaner at night. To do this, change part of the body and set the road brush.

The project will be 100% implemented in 2030, but already today it is planned to use part of the solutions.

Some participants in the summit presented already working projects. For example, Lohr (France) demonstrated the Cristal electric bus in the form of a train. In size, it resembles an ordinary car, but the cabin accommodates 16 passengers. And if necessary, you can attach another couple of electric buses and as a result you get a full-fledged public transport with a capacity of 64 people. Power reserve after 100 percent charge – 120 km. It is planned to begin operation of the bus-locomotive in 2020 in France and Switzerland.

In Sweden itself, the Leon Motion electric taxi is already operating for two passengers. You can call it on the smartphone through the application. In this case, the trip is cheaper than on the gasoline counterpart. In summer, the car is fully open, in winter the heater is turned on.