At the start of Dakar, a hybrid truck will appear for the first time

At the start of Dakar, a hybrid truck will appear for the first time

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

ZF, MKR Technology, and the Netherlands’ Riwald Dakar racing team showcased a hybrid rally truck debut in rally raid history.

So, the “combat” Renault Trucks C 460 Hybrid Edition received the CeTrax Lite RS experimental module, which, if necessary, helps the diesel power unit.

  The main element of the ZF hybrid transmission is the CeTrax Lite RS electrical assembly mounted on the front axle. Currently, it is a concept that is adapted to the extreme conditions of Dakar. Together with the electric motor, ZF provided the riders with power electronics, a hybrid drive control unit with software reconfigured for the rally raid, an Ecomat 6HP automatic transmission, by means of which the internal thrust of the engine and electric motor is distributed between the axles.

 The CeTrax Lite RS module will only assist the main engine, a 1040-horsepower diesel engine (4600 Nm), while storming the dunes of Saudi Arabia. By default, the performance of the electric motor is 109 hp, but at the peak it increases to 204 hp Torque remains the same – 1400 Nm. The asynchronous electric motor is powered by a 400 volt battery and spins up to 13 thousand revolutions per minute, and to synchronize it with the internal combustion engine (2700 revolutions per minute) it was necessary to create a gearbox with a specific gear ratio.

Before the start of the Dakar, the Riwald Dakar team tested the hybrid drive on tracks in Poland, France and the Netherlands. Tests have shown that a truck with CeTrax Lite RS is a couple of seconds faster than a car without it. According to the project participants, the point is not only in the increasing power unit performance, but also in the recovery effect, which allows later to use the main braking mechanisms and travel longer at maximum speed.