At the Grand Prix Formula 1 can go races Roborace

At the Grand Prix Formula 1 can go races Roborace

December 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The project head of the unmanned series of Roborace Lukas di Grassi is ready to demonstrate their technology in the framework of not only F1, but also other racing series.

The following spring will debut a series of robocars called “Alpha”. It was originally planned to compete between absolutely autonomous race cars, but later, by the end of this year, a DevBot cockpit was introduced, which will be controlled by the pilot and the “robot” in shifts.

The dates of the races partially coincide with the dates of Formula E, because both of these series use electric motors in cars. Di Grassi says that in addition to the electric series, he plans to collaborate with others for the demonstration and the races themselves.

“We can work together with F-1 if they want to demonstrate the work of artificial intelligence. Also with WEC, the Japanese Super GT, for example, or the American IMSA. ”

The CEO noted that he wants to create a unique direction in motor racing and the first seasons will be more of a show than a contest. Such a technological event is intended to demonstrate the development of companies. “We are not going to compete with any racing series, just create your own direction.”