At the Geneva Motor Show showed a serial flying car

At the Geneva Motor Show showed a serial flying car

March 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Dutch company PAL-V showed on the motor show in Frankfurt a serial version of a flying car called Liberty. The vehicle is already available for pre-order. The cost of a flying machine is 499 000 euros. For this money, the customer will be able to purchase a version called Pioneer Edition. Later for the order the Sport edition is available for a price starting from 299 000 euros.

After the premiere, the flying car will go to all the necessary certification procedures to meet the requirements for land and air transport. In PAL-V expect to receive all necessary licenses both in Europe and in the US. The first copies of Liberty can be delivered to customers as early as next year.

The novelty is a mixture of car and helicopter. The vehicle can carry only two people. It is equipped with three wheels and is set in motion with the help of two Rotax engines: one serves for driving on public roads and the other for flights. The process of turning a car into an aircraft takes, according to the manufacturer, five to ten minutes.

In order to take off, the vehicle will need a platform measuring 200 by 200 meters. PAL-V Libertu with a 200-horsepower engine can gain a maximum height of 3500 m and develop a speed of up to 180 km per hour. Without refueling, the novelty can fly no more than 500 kilometers.

On the ground, the PAL-V Libert is driven by a 100 horsepower motor. The maximum speed is stated at 160 km / h, and the first “hundred” model is gaining in nine seconds.