At the Ford plant drones began to fly!

At the Ford plant drones began to fly!

August 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Imagine, just one simple idea is able to eliminate all the risks associated with working at height, and even save 90% of the time!

To see how the Ford drones, inspectors work, you can in this video.

In the company of Ford, they thought about how to secure workers who had to check the strength of the plant’s structures at altitude. Previously, maintenance work was carried out by the employees themselves, using automated platforms-lifts and scaffolding. Work was conducted at an altitude of up to 40 meters, and the inspection of each zone required 12-hour intensive and dangerous work.

It all started with the usual joke: tired staff suggested that it would be good for such a job to use robots, and then came the insight – because for these purposes the drones are the best!

And then at the Ford plant in the UK for inspection of high-rise structures for the first time called to the aid of drones-inspectors. This made the work safe, and even significantly saved time. Now the employees do not have to climb under the ceiling, and one working day is enough to inspect the whole territory of the plant to the smallest detail.

With the help of drones equipped with video cameras, it is possible to inspect supporting structures, pipes and sections of the roof of the enterprise, and they penetrate all hard-to-reach areas. Due to the know-how, inspections at the Dagenham plant can be carried out more often. In addition, it is no longer necessary to suspend production for the construction of forests, as it used to be.

The company is going to use “high-flying technologies” at enterprises and in other regions.