At the dump found a rare Ford sedan

At the dump found a rare Ford sedan

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the dump in Phoenix (USA) found a rare sedan Ford Fairmont Futura 1982 release. And in good condition.

This model was the first that Ford built on the rear wheel drive platform Fox. The Fox platform for Ford cars began to be used in the 1978 models. For several years in a row, all models of this American auto giant were built on it, ranging from the Mustang and ending with the Continental.

But the first model on the Fox platform was the Fairmont 1978 (it was produced until 1983 in two body styles – sedan and station wagon). In 1982, this model changed its name from Fairmont to Futura.

Since the Ford Fairmont had the same platform and engines as the Fox Mustang, it was often tuned, including for racing. Unfortunately, this Fairmont was just left in a landfill.

Under the hood is a four-cylinder 2.3 liter engine. In what state it is – is not known.

Fairmont looks good, so we are sure that eventually there will be a car enthusiast who wants to restore it. Great car. If he has not become a classic yet, he will definitely do it soon.