At the Chevy factory released the latest copy of the Corvette C7

At the Chevy factory released the latest copy of the Corvette C7

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The latest instance of the C7 generation Chevy Corvette American supercar is the powerful version of the Z06, which had previously been sold at auction for $ 2.7 million. The money went to charity.

A couple of hours ago, at the Chevy assembly plant in Bowling Green (USA), the latest copy of the iconic Corvette sports coupe of the C7 generation was assembled. Thus, this is the latest version of the model, which has a front engine layout. It is worth noting that with this arrangement, the car was produced for 66 years.

Instead of making a big event out of it, it was decided to post on the company’s page on the social network Twitter with a photo of the last of its kind machine. Previously, such a car could be bought for a little less than $ 80,000

The latest Chevy Corvette of the C7 generation was the black coupe in the hot Z06 and 3LZ trim, which had already been sold a few months ago at a Barrett-Jackson auction for an impressive $ 2.7 million. The proceeds were sent to a charity that provides assistance to servicemen who suffered during the hostilities.

 Someone may say that this C7 is the most expensive Corvette ever auctioned, but no, it is far from it. A rare instance of the 1967 model, was sold at the same Barrett-Jackson in 2014 for a whopping $ 3.85 million