At an auction in Australia, trying to sell 4,000 hail-beaten cars

At an auction in Australia, trying to sell 4,000 hail-beaten cars

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The auction house Mannheim Auctions for several months has not been able to build a batch of four thousand cars, whose marketable appearance was spoiled by the strongest hail that hit Australia in January 2020.

About 4 thousand cars beaten in hail were put up for auction in Australia. At the same time, the organizers of the auction encountered certain difficulties: there were not so many people wishing to purchase “spoiled” cars. About this writes the publication The Canberra Times. Mannheim Auctions bought all the cars accumulated at the auction site from insurers who wrote them off due to severe damage to the body and windows.

Recall that the strongest city passed through the capital of Australia – Canberra – back in January of this year. According to eyewitnesses, the gradients in size resembled golf balls. After the rampant, tens of thousands of motorists turned to local insurance companies for compensation. They were planning to hold an auction for the sale of used cars in February, but these plans had to be changed due to the coronavirus and restrictions introduced.

Separate “lots” the company managed to implement “online”. At the same time, many potential customers refused to buy, fearing problems with the registration of decommissioned cars in the current conditions. When the bidding resumes in full, not yet reported.