Aston Martin will tranform classic models into electric

Aston Martin will tranform classic models into electric

December 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Division Aston Martin Works, which restores the classic Aston Martin, has developed the world’s first “cassette” set for converting historical models from the engine to electric cars. The first new powerplant received a DB6 MkII Volante model of 1970, which was built at the plant in Newport Pagnell, where the Aston Martin Works center is now located.

The company expects that the transfer of classic cars to electric traction in the future will allow it to fit into the new environmental rules restricting the use of cars with traditional ICE. The “cassette”, as a matter of fact, mounted in a common housing an electric motor, a battery pack and power electronics, is installed on the regular mounting points of the engine and gearbox. If necessary, the conversion can be “reversed” and the car returned to its original state.

In developing the power plant, the experience gained by a team of engineers in the final stages of developing the Rapide E electric and modeling future Lagonda models was used. The basis of the serial version of the “cassette” will be the key components of the power unit Rapide E, and control over the expenditure of electricity will be carried out through the display installed in the cabin. Aston Martin Works will start converting client machines next year.

Jaguar is also trying to translate the classics into electric traction, but for the sake of preserving the authenticity, such a conversion will also be reversible. The company demonstrated how it would look on the example of the E-Type Zero – a roadster with a 299-horsepower electric motor, a single-stage reduction gear and a 40-watt-hour battery. Without recharging, the electric E-Type can travel up to 270 kilometers.