Aston Martin will start turning classic sports cars into electric cars

Aston Martin will start turning classic sports cars into electric cars

December 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The British company introduced a new technology, thanks to which classic cars with internal combustion engines can be turned into electric cars and back.

Aston Martin Works, the historic division of Aston, has introduced a new technology for turning classic cars into electric cars. The so-called “cassette” method will replace the standard internal combustion engine with an electric motor, and then, if desired, install the internal combustion engine back.

The “cassette” includes an electrical unit, a battery pack and power cables combined in one unit. The module is mounted on the original mounting for a gasoline engine and gearbox. In addition, a special display is installed inside the car, with which you can control the distribution of electrical energy.

The company noted that the new system was developed in order to avoid future bans on the operation of old machines.

The first “cassette” electric Aston Martin was the 1970 DB6 Mk Volante roadster, which underwent a minor upgrade. The company did not disclose details of the new product, but noted that they used the experience gained in the development of electric Rapid E.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019, the company Jaguar will start small-scale production of the electric E-Zero cabriolet, created on the basis of the classic E-Type sports car. There are no technical specifications yet, but the prototype of the novelty was equipped with a 300-strong electric motor and a 40-kilowatt lithium-ion battery. Jaguar E-Zero is able to drive about 274 km on a single charge, and its acceleration to the first 100 km/h takes 5.5 seconds.

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