Aston Martin will release old mirrors in a new way

Aston Martin will release old mirrors in a new way

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For Aston Martin, the side mirrors of the future may be a combination of old and new technology.

British automaker with mirror supplier Gentex Corp. developed a system that combines aspects of traditional side mirrors with new camera monitoring systems. The Aston Martin and Gentex collaboration, installed on the DBS Superleggera prototype, uses three cameras – one on the outside side mirror and one on the roof. The camera channels are displayed in several forms on the rear view display inside the car.

To maximize the appearance of the supply, the automaker increased the size of the glass on the side mirrors. However, the overall size of the mirror head is smaller than the mirrors on the DB11, said Daryl Wiseman, bodywork manager at Aston Martin. The installation is considered as a prototype.

    “We can pick it up and put it on the appropriate car at a certain point in time in the future,” – he said.

Although some European and Asian countries allow camera surveillance systems to replace traditional mirrors, US and Canadian safety regulations require vehicles to have an inside mirror as well as an outside mirror on the driver’s side. Wiseman said the automaker has developed a system to meet global legal requirements.

    “We believe that this is how we will go forward while there are still mirrors on the Aston Martin,” – said Wiseman. “We believe that it will be so.”