Aston Martin will release electric cars instead of Vantage and DB11

Aston Martin will release electric cars instead of Vantage and DB11

July 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker Aston Martin is shifting from V8 and V12 engines to electrification.

The first all-electric Aston Martin will replace the front-engined sports car and go on sale in 2025, CEO Tobias Moers said.

The automaker is in the process of moving away from its traditional reliance on V8 and V12 internal combustion engines and moving to gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains, starting with the Valkyrie hybrid hypercar due out in September.

The company unveiled the mid-engined Valhalla on Thursday, and deliveries of the model will begin in 2023. A plug-in hybrid version of the DBX SUV will follow shortly, and the planned entry-level supercar, represented by the Vanquish Vision concept, will also feature a hybrid powertrain.

The current lineup of front-engined sports cars, including the Vantage and the DB11, will move to all-electric motors in the next generation as part of the brand’s strategy, Moers said.

“The continuity of our traditional sports segment must, without a doubt, be fully electric,” said CEO Tobias Moers.

Moers said the electric vehicles will have a range of at least 600 km. The move to all-electric vehicles will mean the current sports car lineup will last longer than originally planned, he said.