Aston Martin will not use motors from Mercedes-AMG

Aston Martin will not use motors from Mercedes-AMG

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The future DBX crossover will not be powered by Mercedes-AMG. Instead, a hybrid / plug-in hybrid 5.2-liter power unit V12 production Aston Martin will be used.

Back in March of this year, the chief engineer of British delirium Aston Martin, Matt Becker, called the new 3.0-liter engine from Mercedes-AMG “the engine that is ideal for many automaker models.” Well, just a few days ago, the same person said that, nevertheless, no, the German electrified engine “will not suit us.” Note that in the new high-performance 4-door coupe Mercedes-AMG 53 this engine will be used.

 A couple of minutes ago, foreign publications published information that the British company again started talking about the possibility of using a 6-cylinder electrified engine.

 Referring to their own reliable sources, which are “as close to the brand as possible”, it is reported that instead of borrowing the engine from the German Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin engineers seem to be already working on their own engine. It is possible that we are talking about a hybrid type of power plant, in order to meet the current strict environmental standards for the level of emissions of harmful substances.

 In other words, the new engine from Aston Martin may eventually replace the existing 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, developed by Mercedes-AMG. At the moment there are no details about the new British brand. However, insiders say that we are talking about a 5.2-liter V12 Aston Martin, which will be retrained in a hybrid. Most likely, this engine will appear on the DBX crossover.

Well, in the meantime, the guys from Aston Martin decided to show a great engine V12 Cosworth.