Aston Martin will build futuristic garages

Aston Martin will build futuristic garages

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of Aston Martin announced a new area of ​​activity: together with the Q by Aston Martin personalization department, the company is ready to develop a garage design for the brand’s cars. Depending on the budget of the customer, this can be either a small showcase for one car, or an entire gallery for a collection of sports cars.

The new service is called Automotive Galleries and Lairs and is described in the company as creating “the perfect place to showcase cars as works of art.” And this is not only about the design of garage spaces in the houses of millionaires, but also about the design of real estate from scratch, taking into account the construction of an exhibition area for cars. The interior design will be custom made based on their requirements and customer preferences.

Aston Martin has demonstrated several design options for such garages for the DB5 and Valhalla models. The design of the premises resembles the scenery for science fiction films: what does it cost only a transparent round “aquarium”, in the center of which there is a car or an exhibition hall located under a pool with a transparent bottom.

The author of the projects was the chief designer of the brand Marek Reichman. Previously, he, together with the developer G&G Business Developments, developed a project for a 66-storey residential building in Miami. The luxury building will be completed in 2021. The cost of apartments in Aston Martin Residences varies from 600 thousand to 50 million dollars