Aston Martin will begin production of the Goldfinger DB5 from the James Bond movie

Aston Martin will begin production of the Goldfinger DB5 from the James Bond movie

May 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Deliveries of the “spy” machine should begin next year. A total of 25 Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 units will be released. The price of each car will be 2.75 million pounds. All cars will receive all the same chips that could be used by a secret service agent, which can be seen in the original film.

Aston Martin began production of the Goldfinger DB5. The British company is working in collaboration with EON Production, in which 25 samples of the iconic sports car will be collected – the assembly process will be organized at the Aston Martin plant in Buckinghamshire (England). This is the same place where the original DB5 was going from 1963 to 1965.

The first prototype of the Goldfinger DB5 is currently only taking shape, and the brand is working on the implementation of a number of functional devices inspired by the James Bond films. Special effects guru Chris Corbould, who worked with the original picture, assists the Aston Martin team in developing and testing these gadgets. We are talking about tarahnakh, which are installed in the front bumper, retractable bulletproof rear window and oil stain supply system.

“The main task was to recreate the chips that James Bond used and transfer them to a consumer product,” comments Mr. Corbould.

Aston Martin promises that all new cars will be “authentic reproductions of the original DB5 that we all saw on the screen” with some modifications to meet the strict brand requirements for build quality and reliability. It also means that all 25 copies of the iconic car will receive the Silver Birch body color, just like the original James Bond car.

  Here is a list of all the external and internal Goldfinger DB5 modifications inspired by the original James Bond film:
– rear smoke screen system;
– Rear simulated oil supply system;
– Rotating license plates in front and behind (triple license plates);
– Imitation of double front machine guns;
– Bulletproof rear flap;
– rams front and rear;
– Imitation of the radar screen;
– phone in the driver’s door;
– weapons in the armrest.

The cost of each of the 25 cars is 2.75 million pounds. The first deliveries are scheduled for next year.