Aston Martin unveils a special Vantage roadster to celebrate the A3’s 100th anniversary

Aston Martin unveils a special Vantage roadster to celebrate the A3’s 100th anniversary

June 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The British brand is taking the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of its oldest surviving model. This is how the special Aston Martin Vantage roadster was born.

Aston Martin has just unveiled a special edition of the Vantage Roadster. Its release is dedicated to the centenary of the carmaker’s oldest surviving car, known as the A3.

Aston Martin produced chassis # 3 a century ago at its Abingdon Road plant in Kensington in London, as one of five prototype cars built before production began.

The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 11 hp. In 1922, he set a record at the Essex Motor Club Kop Hill Climb and reached a top speed of 136 km / h at the Brooklands Circuit. A3 is owned by Aston Martin Heritage’s Trust. It was restored to its original state.

To pay homage to the car, this is a new variant of the Vantage Roadster, courtesy of Aston Martin’s Q.

The car is released in a limited edition of 3 copies. It has a unique grille with striking aluminum surround and black square mesh, just like the A3. Aston Martin has also given the Vantage Roadster its heritage stamp.

The novelty is equipped with unique side panels of the fenders, secured by a leather saddle strap, inspired by the open aluminum bonnet and the bonnet strap of the A3. A set of bronze brake calipers and 20-inch lightweight forged wheels with a gloss black finish were also installed.

There have been some changes in the cabin. For example, there are grooved micro-perforated seats next to the embroidered traditional Aston Martin font on the rear compartment lid. The Vantage Roadster was also equipped with several brass dials like the A3.

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