Aston Martin talks about his approach to masking new models

Aston Martin talks about his approach to masking new models

December 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Aston Martin’s chief designer talked about how the new models of the company are being masked now. Thanks to the new camouflage principle, car exteriors hide well from prying eyes, despite the fact that initially it seems that there is almost no camouflage.

Aston Martin did not particularly hide from prying eyes the appearance of its first crossover, which received the designation DBX. Before the official presentation of the serial version of the car, which took place last month, the British automaker showed its novelty in several teasers. It is noteworthy that the luxury car even participated in the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in 2019.
“It was obvious that this is our first crossover on the road and it was pointless to hide it, instead we decided to try our new camouflage film, or rather the new scheme by which it is developed,” said Aston Martin designer Sam Holgate in an interview with foreign journalists Autocar.

He developed an interesting set of camouflage films that hid the real look of some of the latest automaker models, including the DBX crossover. This is a very important process – trying to hide the real details of the exterior of the new model, using only camouflage film. The bottom line is to convince everyone that the disguise does not really hide anything and that all the details of the novelty are visible, but in reality this is far from the case.

 But Mr. Holgate decided not to stop there. Realizing that this would be a futile attempt to hide the real exterior of the new DBX, he used the art of disguise to draw even more close attention to the automotive world to the appearance of the crossover.

 The company’s chief designer experimented with different colors and different designs every time DBX prototypes went for testing. The DBX prototype was “a great moving billboard showcasing us, our logo and even our partners,” said Holgate.

 Of course there were details that were hard to hide, such as a false radiator grille and a rear wing. “We started to isolate the bars,” said Holgate. “This exterior element was very difficult to hide, so you just need to cover some areas while trying to hide other parts.”