Aston Martin started producing whiskey

Aston Martin started producing whiskey

August 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Islay’s Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whiskey and Aston Martin unveil their first collaboration. The partnership resulted in a series of exclusive Black Bowmore DB5 bottles of the iconic 1964 single malt whiskey, each adorned with the original piston of the Aston Martin DB5.

Only 25 bottles of the rare Black Bowmore DB5 1964 will go on sale, a symbol of the times and a landmark event in the history of Bowmore and Aston Martin, united by shared values, innovation and ingenuity.

Filled with the equally exceptional Black Bowmore single malt whiskey, the handcrafted vessel is a masterpiece inspired by the past, but still stunning today. 1964 is fundamental for the Bowmore and Aston Martin brands.

1964 was one of the most important years in Bowmore’s 240-year history. The emergence of a new distillation still allowed the distillery to enter the modern era of production, as coal heating gave way to steam heating. The iconic Black Bowmore is the result of the first distillation from a new still; an exceptionally rich and sophisticated single malt drink with an exciting black color.

First distilled on November 5, 1964, Black Bowmore became one of the rarest and most sought-after single malts ever made. This latest release, in partnership with Aston Martin, marks the sixth bottling of the gourmet beverage. Since 1993, only about six thousand bottles of Black Bowmore have been produced, making the rarity one of the most coveted by collectors.

David Turner, Production Manager for Bowmore, commented: “1964 marks a landmark date in the modern history of the distillery, not only being key to our spirit, but perhaps even more significant because this very spirit was used to create whiskey Black Bowmore. Such milestones are fundamental to a brand’s history. Working with Aston Martin has allowed us to once again showcase the iconic single malt whiskey in the most incredible way. ”

For Aston Martin, 1964 was the era of the iconic sports car Aston Martin DB5. Released in 1963, the car became widely known, and today it is considered “the most famous car in the world”, not least thanks to the famous secret agent.

The debut DB5 differed from its predecessor, the DB4 Series 5, in a subtle but important difference – an increase in engine displacement to 4.0 liters. This made the DB5 the sporty sedan that, with its distinctive design, has become one of the most coveted and loved cars of its generation. Sir David Brown, at the time the owner of the Aston Martin Lagonda, whose initials gave the series ‘DB’ name, said: “I believe the unique character of the DB5 and its ability to perform flawlessly in all conditions gives the owners of this car such an unforgettable driving experience.” … It is this relentless pursuit of leadership that defines Aston Martin’s appeal today.

Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Aston Martin said, “This partnership with Bowmore is an excellent opportunity to mark an important milestone in the brand’s history by combining the unrivaled appeal of the iconic DB5 and the sophisticated taste of the world-renowned single malt whiskey.”

In a commitment to true craftsmanship, the bottle for the Black Bowmore DB5 is handcrafted at Glasstorm glass studio located in Northeast Scotland, with over 50 years of experience in glass creative expertise, design and sculpting. The production of one bottle took up to seven days, demonstrating the constant attention to detail and professionalism that define this collaboration.

The 1964 Black Bowmore DB5 handcrafted packaging is a work of art. Its deep blue color and undulating embossing are inspired by the distillery’s coastal location. The gift box is crafted from the finest grained calfskin with a custom made brass snap and nickel-plated hinges, reminiscent of the DB5 style.

As part of the partnership between Aston Martin and Bowmore, a series of collaborative projects and products will be unveiled over the coming months and years, ranging from stunning experiences to design choices, with the aim of inviting brand fans to experience the concept of this exclusive collaboration.

As world-class luxury brands, Bowmore and Aston Martin urge consumers never to drink while driving. Drink Smart’s key message will be integrated into all projects within the partnership; Drink Smart delivers this message to all adults capable of making informed and responsible decisions.

Black Bowmore DB5 1964 goes on sale in late fall 2020 priced at around £ 50,000