Aston Martin may release a seven-seater version of the crossover DBX

Aston Martin may release a seven-seater version of the crossover DBX

June 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The executive director of the premium British brand promised new crossover modifications.

British Aston Martin plans to release new versions of the crossover DBX. This became known on Monday, June 8. This statement was made by the executive director of the company Lawrence Stroll. The information was announced after summing up the full results of the first quarter – despite the coronavirus pandemic, the DBX crossover showed a very good level of sales.

The receipt of additional profit and the positive dynamics of sales prompted shareholders to expand car modifications. Earlier, Aston Martin noted that they plan to create a hybrid version of the crossover. Most likely, this will happen, but not earlier than in two years. Therefore, now we are talking about a modification with seven seats in the cabin.

Earlier, Lawrence Stroll announced his desire to create a full-fledged competitor for the Porsche Cayenne. At the beginning of the year, creative director of the brand Marek Reichman announced that he was considering two new versions – elegant, close to the coupe and a long seven-seater. However, it is still unknown whether it is a question of choosing between two options or both options at once.

Earlier, Aston Martin announced the resumption of production of the legendary DB5 model, it will happen after 55 years. This car took part in the filming of the cult film about the James Bond.