Aston Martin Launches St. Atan Plant May 5

Aston Martin Launches St. Atan Plant May 5

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Aston Martin Lagonda will reopen its Welsh plant in less than two weeks in accordance with the new rules.

Aston Martin Lagonda is due to open its St. Atan plant on May 5, the company announced. An enterprise in South Wales, where a British firm is building its DBX SUV, has been closed since March 24 due to a coronavirus pandemic. Since then, Aston Martin has been negotiating with employees and unions to develop occupational health and safety protocols for its plant so that work can safely resume.

The Saint-Atan plant will be reopened within two weeks in accordance with new recommendations from the public health authorities of Wales and England. After the resumption of production in St. Atan, conveyors will be launched in Gaidon, but a little later.

Most of Aston Martin’s workforce is currently fired, and the company says it is closely monitoring the situation. Senior management agreed to a voluntary salary cut, with non-executive directors being paid 35 percent less, while CEO Andy Palmer also cut his salary and declined bonuses for the fiscal year 2020/21.

Meanwhile, vice-presidents of the company refuse 20 percent of their annual salary, while other senior managers give up from five to 10 percent of their salaries, depending on the level of pay.