Aston Martin is negotiating with the legendary supplier of engines for Formula 1

Aston Martin is negotiating with the legendary supplier of engines for Formula 1

January 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The British company Aston Martin has repeatedly stated its intentions to return to the elite segment of motorsport with its own motor. But the construction of the engine for the Formula 1 car is not easy (which is confirmed by Honda’s failure for several seasons in a row), and the British decided to enlist help in this matter from other firm, whose reputation in motorsport is beyond doubt.

As reported by the portal, its assistance in creating the engine for the Formula 1 cars is ready to render the company Cosworth, which has more than 40 years of experience in this racing series.

The negotiations with Aston Martin were hinted by the head of Cosworth Bruce Wood:

We would like to work with these partners. We have worked with Aston Martin for many years, we also work with Red Bull, including, and over the hypercar Valkyrie, so there is some logic in this. In Aston Martin very clearly say that they want to develop something more than just stick their logo on someone else’s motor. They also do not want to develop it completely alone, so we had a natural interest, and we held several negotiations.

Wood focused on the fact that Cosworth is not going to return alone to Formula-1 as a supplier of engines, but the company is positive about a possible partnership with interested parties, such as Aston Martin or Ilmor.

This approach is due to the fact that Cosworth is not going to risk, and wants to remain an independent company. Not the same as before, when it belonged to Ford, and recorded losses, trying to do everything to promote the Jaguar in Formula 1, assures the boss Cosworth.

Since the motor schedule for the season-2021 in Formula 1 has not yet been approved, according to Wood, waiting for the new engine from the interested parties is not worth it until 2022, as much investment is needed to develop infrastructure for this project.

It is noteworthy that Aston Martin does not comment on this position.