Aston Martin introduced the Valkyrie coupe in AMR Track Performance version

Aston Martin introduced the Valkyrie coupe in AMR Track Performance version

January 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar in the extremely powerful version of AMR Track Performance will be released in a limited edition of 150 units. The car is intended mainly for driving on a racing track.

Even a full-fledged hypercar can be made more aggressive – apparently, this is exactly what the guys from the British brand Aston Martin thought. Thought and presented hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie in an even more powerful modification of the AMR Track Performance Pack. The entire circulation of the novelty will be limited to only 150 copies. The car has received many improvements, both technical and purely decorative.

In the end, managed to make it even a little faster, although it would seem, where even faster?

British brand engineers have developed a new kit for their hypercar, which includes many new parts, in particular, the aero optimized front splitter, which generates more downforce and increases overall aerodynamic efficiency.

Valkyrie received titanium brakes for maximum stopping power, a set of more durable carbon fiber wheels and a special suspension setting.

The guys from Aston Martin say that the Valkyrie hypercar, performed by the AMR Track Performance Pack, is 8% faster on the track. Included in the “package” elements, make the coupe suitable only for use on the highway, but if you remove all this, you can move on it and on public roads.

In addition to the AMR Track Performance Pack, Aston Martin also demonstrates three exterior trim options for the new product: Spirit (silver car), Mantis (green car) and Ultimate (black car).

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