Aston Martin introduced many accessories for the first crossover DBX

Aston Martin introduced many accessories for the first crossover DBX

October 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Add-on kits are very extensive. Here you can find anything from a set of travel bags to an armory. In addition, there are bags for the lean with seat covers, for dog lovers with special equipment, as well as for ski lovers.

Already in December, the new Aston Martin DBX enters the market with a huge, by the standards of the company, 632-liter boot. Therefore, practical British decided to come up with several packages of additional options to solve the problems of future owners. The list of accessories includes 11 special packages and many individual options.

 For dog lovers, a special boot mat is offered, a net between the compartments, a rear bumper trim, and a portable washing machine. For lovers of alpine skiing, a heated ski bag for boots, chains on wheels and special roof mounts for a set of skis are offered. For sensitive owners, there is a package of “Internal Protection”, which includes rubber mats, seat covers and protection on the rear bumper so as not to scratch it.

 The list is really extensive, and includes kits: “Bike”, “Adventure”, “Field Sport” (with a gun cabinet), “Essentials”, “Event”, “Sanctuary”, “Expression”.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin has completely unclassified the Vantage Roadster before launching sales. The sale should begin only in the spring of 2020. Despite the completed image, so far only a prototype has been shown to us.