Aston Martin has problems with fine-tuning the hypercar Valkyrie

Aston Martin has problems with fine-tuning the hypercar Valkyrie

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British luxury sports car manufacturer faced difficulties during road tests of a prototype of its new hypercar.

Hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie is finally being tested on normal roads. At this stage of testing, the developers found serious flaws.

So, test prototypes Valkyrie demonstrated low reliability. However, they made too much noise and turned out to be very difficult to manage. The hypercar will fall into the hands of the first buyers at the end of this year, so the British will have to accelerate with the fine-tuning of the Valkyrie. Perhaps the manufacturer will correct the previously named terms.

The problems with the Aston Martin Valkyrie came to light at the most inopportune moment when the coronavirus pandemic seriously crippled the automotive industry.

According to the portal TheSupercarBlog, the crisis and losses incurred may force the company to leave its project. This decision could seriously damage Aston Martin’s image, as all 175 Valkyrie hypercars are already sold out.
In the brand itself, the difficulties that the media write about are not confirmed. Let’s remind, Aston Martin is going to substitute a road car with “formula” characteristics. He will receive an incredible 1014-horsepower “aspirated” 6.5 liters and 162-horsepower electric motor. Another innovation is the kinetic energy recovery system.

Earlier our portal talked about the unique audio system that the Pininfarina Battista hypercar received. It consists of 10 loudspeakers, which are symmetrically placed throughout the cabin. This arrangement should provide a studio effect.