Aston Martin has built a luxurious country house

Aston Martin has built a luxurious country house

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The residence is selling for $ 7.7 million

Aston Martin Design and S3 Architecture have unveiled the Sylvan Rock Country Residential Complex, a two-hour drive from Manhattan, New York, USA. The private residence is made in a modernist style and in addition to living space, includes a “car gallery”.

Sylvan Rock Residence is a 22.26-hectare area surrounded by forest and rock formations, where in addition to the main building, which leads to a winding driveway, there is a “health pavilion”, multifunctional guest houses and a small farmland.

The design of the “estate” is described as modernist, “perfectly fit into the context of the countryside” – for example, the roof line of the villa deliberately mimics the jagged protrusions of the rocks, going into the ground, as if the house were a continuation of the landscape.

Sylvan Rock’s residence was valued at $ 7.7 million.

Other features of the complex include spectacular floor-to-ceiling glazing, black cedar fa├žade and cantilevered apartments. The villa can be accessed through two entrances: the lower one is made directly into the rock and leads to the “car gallery”, living room, office and wine cellar. The design of the latter is made in the company’s “lattice” style Aston Martin.

The three small houses, located away from the main building, act as guest houses or can be used as offices, places for home schooling or sports.

This is not the first time that Aston Martin Design has been involved in non-automotive projects. A team of designers led by Marek Reichmann previously worked on the interiors of the Aston Martin Residences premium skyscraper, together with Airbus Corporate Helicopters developed the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopter, and also came up with the look of the AMB 001 track sportbike.