Aston Martin DBX start build in Wales

Aston Martin DBX start build in Wales

June 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While at the factory they make pre-production variants and master the details of the conveyor.

The new company Aston Martin has built on the territory formerly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense. So the DBX is the first SUV of the brand and the first machine assembled in this factory. Later, the production of the electric “Rapid E” will be arranged here, in the long-term plans – the production of the sub-brand of the premium class Lagonda, also completed with an electric motor. Today, only 200 people work at the plant in St. Athens.

Aston Martin is not in a hurry to publish the technical parameters of its crossover, which is officially planned to be presented closer to the end of this year.

  According to preliminary information on the car will be installed turbocharged 8-cylinder 4-liter power unit, issuing a little more than 500 liters. with. But it is quite possible that in the future the car will be equipped with a 12-cylinder engine of 750 liters. with. developed in the company. Not excluded the release of cars with a hybrid unit.

Most likely the DBX will not “light up at the exhibition in Frankfurt am Main. Therefore, the presentation should be expected in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show or at a separate event. Serial release is expected to fully establish in early 2020.