Aston Martin DBX luxury interior shots

Aston Martin DBX luxury interior shots

November 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British brand promises to hold the presentation of its first crossover this month. Interest in the upcoming event at Aston Martin “warmed up” with the help of the image of the salon of the long-awaited news. Prior to that, the interior of the Aston Martin DBX was kept secret.

The DBX concept car debuted back in 2015 as part of the Geneva motor show. In this model, the brand successfully combined the main features of a sports car and a crossover. And four years later, the serial Aston Martin DBX was released. The brand outlined the presentation of new items in November. In the meantime, the manufacturer is “teasing” fans with new pictures of the revolutionary crossover: Aston Martin has finally shown the interior of its “firstborn” in the SUV segment.

 Recall, at the beginning of last month, in Moscow, a closed display of the new Aston Martin DBX crossover was organized, but the pictures from this event did not get on the Network. Since reporters were forbidden to make them public before the premiere.

It is known that high-quality materials were used in the interior design, and for the internal layout of buttons, the manufacturer turned for advice, including auto-ice. In a press release issued along with the official photo of the interior, the brand talks about the DBX center console, which did not get into the frame. She became more elegant and roomy. To test the ergonomics of the rear seats, the manufacturer invited a group of children. What conclusions were drawn from this experiment, unfortunately, are not reported.

More details about the new product, as well as its trim levels and basic functions, will appear on November 20 as part of a presentation in Beijing. Aston Martin DBX will reach the first buyers only in the summer of 2020.

 Under the hood of the Aston Martin DBX is a four-liter 550-horsepower V8 from AMG, which we know from the Vantage and DB11 models. In conjunction with it 9-speed automatic transmission works. DBX is the first all-wheel drive Aston Martin in the history of the brand, as the layout traditional for sports cars is not suitable here.