Aston Martin DB5 will return in a new James Bond movie

Aston Martin DB5 will return in a new James Bond movie

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Italy, shooting continues on the 25th part of the bondiana, which will be released under the title “There is no time to die.” Judging by the observations of eyewitnesses, James Bond will again sit behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DB5.

The return to the screens of the cult DB5 is understandable: the previous Spectrum picture ended with the fact that James Bond, performed by Daniel Craig, took his Aston with BMT216A number from Q and left for an unknown destination. The same car became the hero of the scene with the chase in the new film.

In March this year, it became known that the director of the 25th part of the bond, Carey Fukunagi, insisted on the presence of an environmentally friendly car in the film – Aston Martin Rapide E. A pair of electric motors with a total output of 610 horsepower and 950 Nm of torque set in motion the electric car. A 65-kilowatt-hour battery allows the liftback to travel up to 322 kilometers without recharging. Which of the heroes will get Rapide E is still unknown.

In August, the 1965 Bond Aston Martin DB5 was sold at auction for a record $ 6.4 million. Such a high cost is due to the fact that this instance was built by order of the production company EON Productions, which is responsible for filming films about James Bond. It was used as a promotional car for events to promote the Oscar-winning Ball Lightning, in which Sean Connery played the role of agent 007 for the fourth time.