Aston Martin believes that crossovers and SUVs will be bought mostly by women

Aston Martin believes that crossovers and SUVs will be bought mostly by women

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Aston Martin DBX, which will become the first crossover of the British brand, will debut later this year. According to the company’s marketing research, luxury crossovers are bought mostly by women.

While Aston Martin is preparing to release its first DBX crossover, the British luxury goods maker tells how it developed. In an interview with a foreign publication, Simon Sproul, head of global marketing at Aston Martin, says that women are behind the boom in sales of such cars. During the development of the DBX model, Aston Martin conducted extensive research on the needs and desires of off-road buyers, finding that women tend to master premium crossovers / SUVs more often than men.

According to Mr. Sproul, women want to feel safe and secure, and also to sit as high as possible in order to have the widest possible view.

He also noted that more stylish crossovers are much more attractive to a wide audience. Brutal SUVs such as the Ford Bronco, Mercedes G-Class and Jeep Wrangler attract mainly male audiences. According to Sprul, women make 80 percent of car buying decisions around the world, adding: “From this it follows that their vehicle preferences will have a significant impact on the market.”

The goal of the DBX project was to create another beautiful Aston Martin car with all the attributes necessary to achieve success in the luxury vehicle market. For the British company, it remains only to investigate who buys luxury crossovers and what their top-priority desires are.