Aston Martin and Bentley will miss next Geneva Motor Show

Aston Martin and Bentley will miss next Geneva Motor Show

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Traditional car dealerships are losing their relevance.

The cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly have enormous consequences, since it entailed huge financial losses for both automakers and organizers. Currently, some companies are wondering if car dealerships are relevant when it became possible to generate an online exposure for a relatively low cost.

Before the event was canceled, many automakers, such as Lamborghini, Ford, Maserati, Nissan, Infiniti and Volvo, had already left the show to cut costs. Instead, each company held a private presentation, saving money and resources, offering more information because the companies did not share attention.

Most of the new models, such as the Porsche 911 Turbo S, Aston Martin V12 Speedster, and Bentley Bacalar, debuted in Geneva, were shown during live online broadcasts watched by thousands of car enthusiasts. The next Geneva Motor Show will be held in March 2021, and according to foreign media reports, Bentley and Aston Martin are already considering leaving the event, given the successful private online debuts of many automakers.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said there might be “no need to be present” at the Geneva Motor Show in the future if feedback is positive and Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has supported him. If this happens, both British companies are likely to be the only producers who will not be present in Switzerland. Only a couple of years ago, Volkswagen chairman Dr. Herbert Diss said that “traditional car dealerships are dead,” in which case he might be right.

The next event in the calendar of car dealerships will be the 2020 New York Auto Show, which is expected to see the world debut of the new Ford Bronco. Initially, the show was supposed to begin in April, but was delayed until August to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.