Aston Martin and Airbus introduced a new helicopter

Aston Martin and Airbus introduced a new helicopter

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Aston Martin showed the updated variation of the Airbus ACH130, which should occupy a niche in the luxury product line of the brand.

Aston Martin joined forces with Airbus to create its first helicopter, which will take its place in the ever-expanding assortment of luxury British companies. In fact, this is a restyled and repainted version of the lightweight passenger helicopter Airbus ACH130 with one rotor, stylized as Aston Martin.

In terms of technical specifications, the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is identical to a regular Airbus helicopter, but its body and internal parts were redone by the Aston Martin design team.

The helicopter lining is offered in four colors of Aston Martin: xenon gray, Arizona bronze, ultramarine black and the unique Stirling Green livery.

The cabin is identical to the standard ACH130, for example, seat frames, seat foam, seat belts and flight controls ensure that the helicopter complies with flight safety regulations. However, the rest of the cab was created from scratch in the same style.

The seatbacks in the front row are made of the same carbon fiber as the Aston Martin DB11, along with an exclusive set of leather seats. On the dashboard of the helicopter there is a plate indicating the registration number of the helicopter.

Over 12 months of operation, Aston managed to implement an aggressive product expansion strategy, introducing the Valkyrie hypercar and the DBX SUV, as well as an exclusive motorcycle series (created in collaboration with Brough Superior).

Prices for the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition have not been announced, as they are purely individual, but as a guideline, an ordinary helicopter costs from 2.4 million pounds. However, according to Aston Martin Design Manager Marek Reichman, this figure is unlikely to keep the target helicopter market.

Aston Martin Design Manager Mareka Reichmann said: “The customers on the regular ACH130 are the same as our customers. “We do not produce vehicles that are necessary or necessary – we produce automobiles that are in demand.”